The Underdog is a group of people that live and breathe every day in order to push the boundaries of flavor.

  • Specialty coffees roasted on a Giesen and packed by our hand. The true meaning of hand crafted coffee.
  • New-wave workshops held by Authorized SCA Trainers (AST) providing Coffee Diploma certifications.
  • Revolutionary high-end equipment.
  • An everyday full brunch menu experience.

Coffee Approach

Our world revolves around the journey, driven by the pursuit of perfection. Along the way we forge relationships as we work to bring our coffees from the farm to your cup.

Coffee is about people and the land they live on. We believe in a meaningful and honest coffee trade. Not only do our methods ensure the maximum quality of the cup, we also ensure the greatest benefit to the local environment, and to a more transparent and sustainable coffee trade.

Beer Approach

Our business includes lots of travels around the world, searching great coffees. Through these travels except great coffees we discovered and tasted amazing beers. Then one day (or we better say, a night) the idea connecting great coffees and amazing beers from all over the world under one roof was generated. 

We have tasted lots of different beers. Others deserved their money and others were disappointing results of great marketing behind the label. This is something you will not find in our beer selection. We will not serve you commercial beers. Only small batch and great ones from people that brew uncompromising, bold and irreverent beer, beer with a soul and a purpose.

Ditch the mainstream and say hello to The Underdog beer offerings.

Story behind the name and our logo

As you all probably know this is not our first business in coffee industry. Although we roast specialty coffee from 2011, this is a new project for us and this still puts us as The Underdog of coffee scene in Greece.

The Underdog never gives up and fights every day no matter what in order to be better.

That’s why The Underdog is covered with injuries and has a bottled leg (that he lost in a previous fight defending his pride back in the old days).


hos•pi•tal•i•ty noun \ has-pe-‘ta-le-te\

a: given to general and cordial reception of guests

b: promising or suggesting generous and cordial welcome

c: offering a pleasant or sustaining environment

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