The Underdog is a group of people that live and breathe every day in order to push the boundaries of flavour in Specialty Coffee.

  • We roast on a 6 kg Giesen Roaster and pack our beans by hand. The true meaning of hand crafted coffee.
  • We love to share our knowledge. We are Authorized SCA Trainers (AST) providing Coffee Diploma workshops and certifications.
  • With our revolutionary high-end equipment in our training center along with our Award winning trainers, we can tailor-made competition consulting, roasting and training upon request.

Story behind our logo

As you all probably know this is not our first business in coffee industry. Although we roast specialty coffee from 2011, this is a new project for us and this still puts us as The Underdog of coffee scene in Greece.

The Underdog never gives up and fights every day no matter what in order to be better.

That’s why The Underdog is covered with injuries and has a bottled leg (that he lost in a previous fight defending his pride back in the old days).


hos•pi•tal•i•ty noun \ has-pe-‘ta-le-te\

a: given to general and cordial reception of guests

b: promising or suggesting generous and cordial welcome

c: offering a pleasant or sustaining environment

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