Born from passion, The Underdog is the brainchild of Tasos Delichristos and his wife Elisabeth. 

Our purpose is that our Wholesale customers will be able by using our coffees, to give to their guests, a focused and delicious coffee experience that challenges the conventional views of coffee.

We roast our coffees gently and lightly, with an utmost respect for the raw material because for us, roasting is not a process of automation, but of creativity and passion. From dropping a batch of raw beans in our roaster, to scooping the just-roasted beans in our bags, our hands are involved in every step. 

The true meaning of handcrafted coffee.

Our coffees are truly great because of the many people working together in tandem to create a sincerely genuine coffee experience. 


We are distributing our beans in U.A.E. through Chemex Lab Specialty Coffees in Dubai.

We are distributing our beans in QATAR through Sweet Moments Room in Doha.

If you are based in Middle East and wanna serve our beans, feel free to send us an Enquiry and we can hook you up.


We encourage more of you to be our Wholesale customers or why not our Distributors through Europe.

For our current Price list & Offerings or for more informations how to work together please send us an email to