” Underdog: a person or a group of people, who is expected to lose the battle.

In the case the underdog wins, the outcome of this victory is an upset.


This upset was created by our team on our early stages as a company (we established our company in 5th of May 2015), by winning, back-to-back, in 2015 and 2016 the World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship.

Have in your mind also that 2008 World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship was won by our Owner and the 2017 Runner-up title on same World championship by our company as well.

We still have fresh memories of our 2017 Aeropress Champion in Greece with 2nd and 3rd place of Final being won also by our baristas.

Add on top of that, our barista that just got crowned as the 2018 Barista Champion of Greece, and here you are: This Underdog team of young-beautiful and talented Specialty coffee dogs, really knows how to battle!


We all have been or felt underdogs in our life.

And that’s why people love the underdogs!

The Underdog is a specialty coffee roasting company and we invite all of you to visit our third-wave coffee shop in Thissio (Athens), Greece.

Our world revolves around the journey, driven by the pursuit of perfection. Along the way we forge relationships as we work to bring our coffees from the farm to your cup.

Coffee is about people and the land they live on. We believe in a meaningful and honest coffee trade. Not only do our methods ensure the maximum quality of the cup, we also ensure the greatest benefit to the local environment, and to a more transparent and sustainable coffee trade.

We focus on serving a unique coffee experience by bringing out a delicate and dynamic clarity in every coffee we produce. 

We are forever curious and always uncompromising in our quest for quality products and services.

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